Thursday, February 25, 2010

Haiti: A Proud and Turbulent History

Haiti Action Guelph, in collaboration with the Critical Knowledge Collective, the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) a free public screening of Aristide and the Endless Revolution

WHAT- Documentary screening and Speakers from Canada Haiti Action Network

WHERE- The Bookshelf

WHEN- 1pm

Film Description:

"Only an hour south of Miami, the elected president of the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation, Jean Bertrand Aristide, has twice been forced from office with the complicity of the international community. An intelligent and engrossing examination of the oft-suppressed story of the 2004 coup d'etat in Haiti, Rossier's film investigates the events that led to the second violent expulsion of Aristide from Haiti, and reveals the tangled web of hope, deceit, and political violence. Features Aristide, Sen. Maxine Waters, Noam Chomsky, Rep. Charles Rangel."

This is an awareness-raising event, however donations are graciously receieved towards Haitian-led and Haitian-directed relief projects.

Friday feb 24 - Documentary screening of "5 RING CIRCUS"

WHAT- Documentary and discussion

WHERE- CSA boardroom- 2nd floor of the University Centre (UC)

WHEN- 5pm-8pm


Find out why increasing numbers of people are opposing the Vancouver 2010 games.

We will be showing the documentary 5 Ring Circus, which "exposes a side to the Vancouver Olympics which is not being revealed in the corporate media".

And a brief presentation by a Guelph activist who has recently returned from Vancouver.

Check out the trailer for 5 Ring Circus here

Presented by Left Film Night - Critical Knowledge Collective - Guelph Young Communist League