Monday, June 22, 2009

Standing For the Majority

Who are we?

We are a small group of community members and University of Guelph students who are concerned with mainly bringing attention to and criticizing capitalism, consumerism, corporatization, and the mainstream media. We see these phenomena to be at the root of nearly all environmental destruction and systematic poverty. Above all, we seek to demonstrate the interconnectedness of all these things, and do our part to move these facts to the realm of ‘common knowledge’. In doing this we experiment with different forms of activism broadening the scope of people we reach and entice to act. We encourage, endorse and participate in many forms of engagement ranging from spoken word, music, dance, drawing, discussion, writing, tabling, and broadcasting.

What we do…
Correct misinformation spread by the mainstream media, while providing a more complete picture of world events

Promote critical thinking about issues of importance to the public good

Bring attention to the roots and many forms of systematic oppression

Promote discussion that identifies societal problems and works toward solutions.

Why do we do this?
To build fair, healthy, sustainable, communities

To engage people in the politics that shapes our lives and the lives of others

To create a culture that questions and analyzes the norms and the information they are presented on a daily basis.

How do we do this?
We organize! Relevant documentary screenings, host guest speakers and discussions, put on shows and collaborate often with other community and university groups such as Haiti Action Guelph, the CSA Human Rights Office, Guelph Queer Equality, Guelph Peace Alliance, Young Communist League and the CJ Munford Centre.

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