Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Post-AMC Reflection

Media is everything. It's music, performance, radio, internet, TV, Youtube, microphones, tape recorders, note pads, computers, networks, magazines, newspapers, word-of-mouth and of course, people. Most importantly, media is a social justice tool. This is the avenue used to organize, to spread the word in times of need, to hold perpetrators accountable and to garner support.

But for the media to work for us, we have to reclaim it from its current role as big-business-politico-advertising minion. They've monopolized the media!! aah!!

The Allied Media Conference (AMC) was 3 days of workshops based precisely on empowering the people to reclaim the media to further social justice and community growth. From building your own radio antenna to writing tips for journalism to using music in activism to communicating with prison inmates, tools and discussions abounded.

Don't you fret, CKC would not leave you hanging: watch out for upcoming workshops on stencil making, media reclamation and a CKC-Leftist Lounge collabo party hopefully with such revolutionary hiphop warriors Rebel Dias, Peak Soil, Climbing Poetree and more...

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