Monday, March 8, 2010


What what! Rebel Diaz is coming to Guelph!

"If you not down for revolution what you waitin for?" -Rebel Diaz

As hip hop-head-organizers, nothin spells out good times to us like a political hip hop show. Last year we did it with Climbing Poetree and it was a huge success in terms of warm vibes and bringing together a diverse audience that otherwise might not be interested in politics-which is exactly the beauty of joining art with activism. This year, with help from the African Society of Guelph, the C.J. Munford centre, Fuerza/Puwersa and the Sikh Activist Network, we hope to do it again.

So what's up for the show?

Rebel Diaz is gonna rock a set! Comin up from the Bronx, Rebel Diaz is made up of Lah Tere, Rodstarz and G1, three hype MCs. Their energy at live performances is so high, and their beats are bumpin. What's even better is that they are keepin hip hop real: Their poltically-loaded songs stay true to the meaning of hip hop; hip hop is about uplifting people in the struggle. Positive music safe for children and adults alike! We need more music that feeds us real food-most of the shit on the radio is like eating McDonalds.

Check out these links for a sample of their songs as well as an interview:

And their website:

To open the night, we've got food, provided by the Sikh Activist Network, some kick-ass local openers such as Malik IM and Noyz from Toronto, Testament from London, and Steve, Amina, Aidan and Jasmeet from Guelph. In between sets, Guelph community groups will be answering questions about their work, issues of concern, and how people can get involved.

Hip hop like it's supposed to be!

Wednesday March 24th

Doors 6:30

The Vinyl-52 McDonnell st. Downtown Guelph

***All ages, alcohol free until 11pm, free/pay what you can

and wheelchair accessible (we're gettin ramp custom made..cause that's how we do)

"H.I.P H.O.P: Her Infinite Power Helping Oppressed People" -KRS-ONE

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