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It's time to get yourself hyped for the The Critical Knowledge Collective's 2nd annual fieldtrip/training to the AMC! Its coming up fast so get it booked off work and clear in your calendar!

Thursday June 17- Sunday June 20, 2010

*** if you can't make it for that whole time- don't worry, but get in touch!

*** if you plan to travel with CKC we need your confirmation of registration by Monday May 31 so that we can make all the right arrangements for vehicle rentals and registration - email with AMC in the subject line

AMC - Say what? The Allied Media Conference is organized by and for people who are interested in using participatory media as a strategy for social justice organizing. By media we're talking zines to video-blogging to breakdancing, to communicating solidarity and creating justice, drawing strength from our converging movements to face the challenges and opportunities of our current moment. You can see the program from last year HERE - check out conference themes for this year HERE or read more about the mission statement--> We are ready to create, connect and transform.

SO ... Whats the plan ckc? Last year CKC supported a group of around 9 people to go and we’re hoping to do it again- with more of us. You book the time and confirm with us, and we'll take care of organizing registration and transportation. We can for sure cover the cost of vehicles to get us all there. What we need from you --> send us an email by Monday May 31 to with AMC in the subject line. We will follow up with info on how we can subsidize the costs for everyone! Remember that you NEED YOUR PASSPORT TO CROSS THAT DANG BORDER! (even if you've already talked with us- please send the email!)

$$$$? CKC has funds to help us all get there. Registration for the AMC is on a sliding scale from $30-$100 based on what you can afford. We want to make this as accessible as possible so we will be helping to subsidize transportation for sure, as well as registration costs based on need. If you can afford the registration fee, that's great. If not, don't worry - let us know we'll try to cover it! If you are a U of G student, let us know when you email us to register and we can include that in a group "PDR request" from the CSA (for more info on how that works or to help out with that, send us an email!)

Accomodations The crash space is $15 for the whole conference and is usually in a church or gym. The floor is hard so we suggest some sort of padding on the floor. There are also no showers in the space, but we will have a hookup during the conference for those who want access to one! There are also spaces in the campus residences for a cost of approx $45/night. If you are in need of this type of accomodations, CKC is happy to support affordability of that - please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can prioritize it in our budget!

Food Its expensive to eat out and Detroit isn't an exception. Don't get me wrong, theres lots of delicious and semi-affordable places to eat, and the conference provides your standard muffin/sugar/bagel breakfast during the weekend. But we're gonna be packing some big coolers. If you want to bring your own food or help us make some snacks to share, there will definitely be the opportunity to cut down on costs that way.

Kids The AMC this year has a full-on kids track- that means free childcare is provided! We are nurturing the next generation of creative, critically-thinking media makers. These sessions empower kids to assert their voices and imaginations through media as a form of protest, action and self-expression. There will be sessions for preteens (ages 8-12) and kids (ages 4-7), as well as all ages. All sessions should create a safe space for children to work and learn together. The kids track will be collaborating with Allied Media Childcare, which will be an open, safe space where any young person can hang out. Childcare will be supervised by caregivers with experience caring for infants (ages 6 months and up). Childcare volunteers will also support parents to bring their children with them to non kids-track sessions and all sessions will be rated for kid friendlieness.

***If there are any concerns or requests regarding accessibilty (either the trip to detroit or during the conference), please contact us!


This year its featuring over 100 hands-on workshops, panel discussions, film screenings, art and music events including:

  • Media Strategies to Expand Access for Disabled People
  • TOUR: Eco-Media in Motion: Messages from Detroit
  • How To Make Radical Comics ... and Why?
  • What's Your Internet Story: Learning Lab
  • Tell Stories With Pictures: Collaborative Mural Design
  • CAUCUS: Trans & Queer Youth Media
  • Indymedia Innovations: Tools, Technology, and Tips for Protest Coverage
  • Community Radio Against Poverty and Prison Expansion
  • Common Ground: How Community Media & Community Businesses Can Work Together to Foster Transformative Public Discourse
  • Your Phone is Your Microphone
  • Community Accountability In Real Life
  • RED DUST: A film about the unexamined side of China's economic development
  • The Way We Move: Embodying Resistance Dance Workshop
  • Re-Thinking Communication / Repensando La ComunicacĂ­on
  • Building an Intergenerational Filmmaking Community
  • Octavia Butler Strategy Symposium
  • Open Source Internet Radio with Flujos-Vivos Live CD
  • Mud Stencils for Tactical Media Campaigns
  • The Next Generation of a Queer/Trans Youth Narrative

For more info go to the website of the Allied Media Conference:

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